Excursion Part 2 “Blue Temple & Wat Huai Pla Kang”


No visit is complete without a visit to Blue Temple. On the 18th of January, 2019 we went to this stunning temple with Mrs. Peach, Ms. Namfon, and Mr. Nat by car. This temple was completely built in 2016. In Thai, it is also known as Wat Rong Suea Ten. Rong Suea Ten means ‘Tiger Temple’. I am amazed by the luxurious decoration on the wall of the temple. The exterior and interior walls are covered in a vivid hue. The colors are golden, blue, and a bit purple. Blue is the most dominant color which represents Dharma. The blue color has a mesmerizing and calming effect.  Its magnificent blue interior with a large white Buddha make this temple more beautiful. The beauty of its vibrant blue color makes a visit to the Blue Temple becomes a more spiritual experience. The walls of the interior of the temple are painted with patterns and stories of Buddha’s life.

The first time we entered the parking area, we would see a pair of fierce colorful naga flank the balustrade. They are the symbol of giving guards to that hall’s entrance. There is no ticket to enter this temple, so it is totally free. We can reach this temple by Tuk-tuk, car, bicycle, and motorbike. We are also allowed to take pictures inside the temple. Before entering the temple we also have to take off the shoes. We also have to wear a dress which covers knees and shoulders. I did enjoy every second I spent in this temple. Once you go to Chiang Rai, it is a must to visit this temple!

After visiting the Blue Temple, we continued our tour to Wat Huai Pla Kang. This temple is the representation of Guan Yin. This is the tallest temple I’ve ever seen. There are 26 floors we need to pass to reach the top of the temple. But don’t worry, we will reach the top by using a lift. Inside of this temple is full of sculptures of some goddess. The sculptures are curved very detail in the whole interior of the temple even the wall around the lifts is decorated beautifully. The whole color is white. We are also allowed to take pictures as many as we want. I also took a picture on the Longmen. It was at the center of the forehead of this temple. We could see the whole beauty of Chiang Rai view perfectly from this point. This statue is surrounded by a green hill. I can feel a complete view when I came here, nature + beautiful temple. Before we enter the lift we need to pay a ticket for 40 bath, we also need to wear a skirt or pants which cover the knee. At that time I wore a skirt which was knee-deep so the staffs which were in charged at that time gave me a sarong.

The picture above is the longmen
We took pictures inside the temple

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