4. Teaching Practice

1.1 Procedures of your teaching

          The procedures of the teaching are divided into 5 stages namely warm-up, presentation, practice, production, and wrap-up. They will be explained as follows.


Teacher greets the students
Teacher reviews the previous materials by asking the students what we learned the last meeting.
Teacher gives some clues to the students to lead them to the new topic which will be learnt.


Teacher explains the materials to the students, pronounce the words, and gives examples related to the materials.
Teacher explains about the examples and the ingredients of the good food.


Teacher asks the students to pronounce the words together.
Teacher asks the students to practice writing the words.


Teacher asks the student to work in the group to accomplish the task.
Each student should participate in group work. For example, I ask them to write the spelling of some words. Each group member should write the word spelling.
Teacher asks the students to make a mind map of food including the ingredients of the good food.
Teacher asks the students to perform the result of their mind map in front of the class.


Teacher gives feedback toward the students’ performance.
Teacher reviews the vocabularies by asking the students the meaning of the words.
Teacher asks the students about what they have learned today.
Teacher concludes the lesson together with the students.

1.2 Time management and organizing activities

        The teachers have time 50 minutes to teach one class for one subject. It requires the teachers to have good time management in teaching. The teachers should be skillful in managing the time to achieve the objectives designed for the students. Therefore, when teaching the students the materials and the activities should be done efficiently to avoid consuming a lot of time. When teaching in the class, I try to simplify it to ease the students understand the materials delivered. I will not talk or explain the materials with complicated or long sentences. I will explain the materials to them briefly but informative and comprehensive.

        Besides that, I also provide the students with activities such as games, group work to write some sentences, do the worksheet, draw, and color a picture, etc. By this way, they will not be bored easily during the lesson. The activities which are given to the students should be organized well to make the time efficient. I will monitor the students while they are working in the group, walk around the class to check the students’ work progress, guide them when they have questions however I will not give the questions directly to them, and give positive reinforcement to them when they did a great job.

1.3 Problem solving

        One of the most frequent problems in the class is the students’ misbehavior. Some students might show their misbehaviors in the class when I am delivering the materials. The misbehaviors can be seen when they play with their friends when I am delivering the materials, they talk loudly, and they do not listen to the teacher’s instructions. To solve it, I tried to point the students who misbehave to give them questions. It is quite effective since the students suddenly looked surprised when I asked them the questions then they started to look at the book to find the answers. Another problem is when the students work in the groups. When I found the students who did not work in the group, I approached and asked them to start working. I would stay at that group for a moment to make sure they worked each other.  In brief, the teacher should be involved in dealing the students’ problem and supervising directly. Besides that, the teacher must understand what makes the students do negative behavior, solve the problem in which the teacher should look back again on the problems which occur during the learning process and eliminate the source of the problem.

1.4 Classroom management

        Classroom management is an effort done by the teacher in teaching to achieve optimal conditions in a class so that the learning process will be effective and efficient. Therefore, a teacher is also required to have classroom management skill to create and to keep the optimal condition in a class and also improve the class situation to be better if something wrong happens during the learning process. To create and keep teaching and learning activities in the optimal condition there are 5 ways which are done such as showing and giving attention to all of the students, giving clear instruction, giving positive and negative reinforcement, and giving emphasis on positive things. Emphasizing on positive thing is important to do. Instead of only focusing on the students’ negative behavior the teacher can emphasize more on their positive behavior to avoid the focus of their attention toward the negative one. This emphasis can be done by giving positive reinforcement to encourage the students to maintain their positive attitude.