3. Teaching Plan

1.1 Curriculum

The curriculum related to the major is foreign language since I taught English in this school. The language area for foreign languages is aimed at enabling learners to acquire favorable attitude towards foreign languages, the ability to use foreign languages for communicating various situations, seeking knowledge, engaging in a livelihood and pursuing further education at higher levels. There are four main concepts include in this major namely language for communication, language and culture, language and relationship with other learning areas, and language and relationship with community and the world. Each concept has its own strand. They will be explained as follows.

Strand 1: Language for Communication Standard

F1.1: Understanding and capacity for interpreting what has been heard and read from various types of media, and ability to express opinions with proper reasoning Standard F1.2: Possessing language communication skills for effective exchange of data and information; efficient expression of feelings and opinions Standard

F1.3: Ability to present data and information, concepts and views on various matters by speaking and writing

Strand 2: Language and Culture Standard

F 2.1: Appreciating relationship between language and culture of native speakers and capacity for use of language appropriate to occasions and places Standard

F2.2:  Appreciating similarities and differences between language and culture of native speakers and Thai speakers, and capacity for correct and appropriate use of language

Strand 3: Language and Relationship with Other Learning Areas Standard

F3.1: Using foreign languages to link knowledge with other learning areas and as foundation for further development, to seek knowledge and widen one’s world view  

Strand 4: Language and Relationship with Community and the World Standard

F4.1: Ability to use foreign languages in various situations in school, community and society Standard

F4.2: Using foreign languages as basic tools for further education, livelihood, and exchange of learning with the world community

1.2 Teaching plan related to your major

            I was assigned to teach English for five grade students. The first thing needs to be prepared is the lesson plan. After the lesson plan was done and continued to prepare the teaching media. The lesson plan consists of a topic which will be taught, the goals/objectives which should be achieved by the students, the materials, the teaching media used, and the stages of teaching (5 stages: warm-up, presentation, practice, production, and wrap-up). One of the topics taken from the book was about last week (simple past tense). The next was preparing the teaching media. The media used were sentences cards and flashcards. I supported the teaching process by the use of media to teach the students about the structure of the simple past tense. I also tried to encourage them to speak, read, and write the sentences.  The following is an example of the lesson plan.


School                                : Chiang Rai Municipality School 3
Grade                                 :    5
Class                                  :    5/1, 5/2, 5/3
Subject                               :    English
Topic                                  :    Last Week
Time Allotment                :    1 x 50 minutes

  • Goals

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
make a declarative past tense sentence
apply the vocabularies learnt into sentences

  • Materials

Activity 3: look and read

I was at the swimming pool with Cathy last Monday.

– I was at the library with Sarah last Tuesday

– I was at the sports club last Wednesday

– I was at the sweet shop and toy shop last Thursday

– I was at home last Friday

– I was at the cinema with Sarah and Cathy last Saturday

– I was at the church with dad and mom last Sunday

  • Important

Teaching reading, writing, and speaking  

  • Teaching Media

Sentences cards
English book grade s

  • Learning Activities

1.Warm up

Reviewing the previous materials


Teacher explains the materials on page 106.
Teacher gives examples of the sentences.


Teacher and students read together the sentences
Students work in pairs to practice writing by doing the worksheet 12.3
Teacher and students discuss the answers together.
Teacher gives students a simple game to train the students’ speaking skill. The students will sing a song while passing the board marker to another student. When the song stops at one student, she/he should answer the question given. The teacher will show a picture to the students, for example, the picture shown is a toy shop, so the students should answer it in one sentence “I was at the toy shop last Monday”.


Students write the sentences on the worksheet
Students make a sentence orally


Teacher reviews the sentences learnt, asks the students about what they have learned today, and the last the teacher concludes the lesson.