New Skills and Experiences

New skills I learned from the teachers at Chiang Rai Municipality School 3 were the ability to make teaching media and ability to handle students’ misbehavior. Teaching media is not a new term for me but I haven’t experienced to make it. Mrs. Peach guided me a lot in making an engaging teaching media for the students. I use teaching media to attract students’ interest and attention to the lesson. The media that I created during the practicum were flashcards, words card, word search, etc.  It is easier for me to catch students’ attention when explaining the materials to them since they prefer to see the printed colorful pictures which are stuck on the board. They also like to stick the words cards on the board. When they know the English of some vocabularies they will be excited to stick the words.

The pictures above were the examples of teaching media we made

Besides that, I also learned to handle the students’ misbehaviors. One of the most frequent problems occur in the class was the students who misbehaved. They were hard to control and difficult to make them calm in the class. For examples, some students did not want to make groups because they did not like other friends, so they did not want to be in one group with the other friends. Besides that, they are also very active to go everywhere in the class, sometimes they also play with their friends when I was explaining the materials. They also lost their concentration easily. The things that I did to make them do what I asked were by approaching them and stayed for a moment beside them to make sure they did the instructions that I gave. For example, I would approach them and ask “do the worksheet on page 107”. So I stayed for a moment beside them till they started doing the worksheet.

One of the new experiences I found in this school was the teachers greet the students at the entrance. It is daily activities for the teacher there in which every teacher has his/her own picket schedule every morning. The first time we entered the school on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, we saw there were several teachers at the entrance. They stood up to greet the students and teachers who came to the school and the palms are put together. The students will bow their head to the teachers. The first time we entered the school, the teachers greeted us and they said “Sawaddi kha”. It was my first experience to see teachers greet the students. Usually, in Bali, the student itself is the first person who greets the teachers. So, this is one of uniqueness I find in this school which is different from the other schools I know in Bali. I feel so respected by the other teachers.  And also I have a chance to do it every Wednesday. So Wednesday is my picket schedule. The other teachers also have their own schedule.

Another experience was when the students went home. Some students had to cross the road. When Jessica and I went to the school in the morning, we saw a male teacher stayed across the road. I thought he wanted to cross the road. But I was wrong. He stayed there to help students cross the road until all students passed the road safely. He also helped Jessica and I, of course, I was so impressed with that, because it was my first time in my life experienced this kind of moment. It seems simple but for me this moment is priceless. It also happened on the next day in the morning after school. One day, after school, when Jessica and I went back to our dormitory, we saw Mr. John staying across the road to help the students and us. Once again, I was impressed with the teachers’ duties at this school. They do it consistently. The teachers do not only teach but also do other duties besides teaching. So every day in the morning before the class starts and after school we would see different male teachers who helped us. It is so sweet, right?. Thank you so much, teachers. I will always remember this experience and tell it to my friends in Bali.

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