2. Pedagogical Contents

1.1 Teaching methods of the teacher

     There are several methods applied by teachers in teaching the students. They are content-based instruction, total physical response (TPR), and grammar translation method (GTM).

  • Content-based Instruction (CBI)

          Content-based Instruction is the integration of language with the learning of some other content. It is designed to provide second language instruction in content and language. Mostly the content used is the academic subject matter. For example, the themes of the content can be about foods, popular music or sports which become the students’ interest. The goal of the teacher who uses CBI is to make the students master both language and content. The teacher guides the students how language is used to deliver content and to make the students work collaboratively to understand content while using language which is studied by them. The language areas which are emphasized are vocabulary items and grammar structures while the language skills which are emphasized are the four skills which are integrated into authentic contexts.

  • Total Physical Response

          This method encourages students to be active by using classroom activities. It can be an effective way to deliver explicit instruction in learning in which it emphasizes on using commands to teach the foreign language. The students respond to the commands through the movements of the body or action. It helps the students catch a number of vocabularies through the skillful use of the commands by the teacher. The teacher gives commands to the students and they perform it together with the teacher. In brief, the students will demonstrate the commands. For example, the teacher says stands up, so the teacher will give example to the students and perform it to the students, then the students will imitate it. 

  • Grammar Translation Method

          The purpose of this method is to ease students read and appreciate foreign language literature. The students’ native language is allowed to use in the class. By using this method the students are also expected to be more familiar with the grammar of their native language so that their writing and speaking will be better. This method focuses on emphasizing on teaching grammatical rules in students’ writing and reading. The students are asked to list some words and translate them from one language to another. Most of the teaching activities are translating the target language into the students’ native language. The teacher is actively involved in the classroom, the students do what the teacher says so they learn what the teacher knows.

  1. 2 Their learning materials and innovation

          The teacher uses materials based on the materials which exist in the English book which is also in line with the curriculum. The book also equips the students with the explanation of each material, pictures, diagrams, worksheet, and exercises to engage the students to study. The teacher conducts the post-test based on the exercises on the book. The innovation which is done by the teacher is by applying different techniques to teach every new material and making new teaching media for the students to teach different units.

        The teacher explains the sub units in each unit to the students. Each unit contains 3-4 sub units with the explanations, worksheets, and exercises as well. Each sub unit will be discussed in two weeks. To address every objective, the teacher will use media and apply different techniques and methods in teaching to make the students motivated. After the teacher explains the materials to the students, usually there will be group work to do the exercises.

1.3 Sources of learning and technology used by the teacher

          Chiang Rai Municipality School 3 provides the teachers with internet connection and television in each class as an additional source of learning and technology. The EFL teachers do not only use the English book as the source of learning but also use the internet to get the teaching aids. Through the use of the internet, the teachers can find some pictures to be printed out for the teaching media and enrich the knowledge about the materials which will be taught. The television is used to show a video, play music, or show a power point to deliver the materials. 

1.4 Authentic assessment used by the teacher

Authentic assessment is an assessment which requires the students to perform real-world tasks in which there will be a rubric to evaluate the students’ performance. The students will perform what they have learned in the class to show their understanding. The following is one of the examples of the rubric to asses students’ speaking competency.