Excursion Part 1 “White Temple”

Wat Rong Khun ‘White Temple’
On the 17th of January 2019, we went for the excursion, yay!. Jessica and I went to White Temple with Mrs. Peach, Ms. Namfon, Ms. Pin, and Mrs. Phavarath. We went there by car. It only takes 15 minutes from the school. When I moved to Thailand, White Temple is the most awaited place for me to visit. In Thai, it is also well known as Wat Rong Khun. It is a national landmark which attracts a large number of visitors every year. This temple is filled with Buddhist symbolism. The whole color of this temple is white. White represents the purity of Buddha. It has fantastic sculptures throughout the temple. The temple is surrounded with sculptures with mirrored glass mosaic which make them shine especially when the day is sunny. That’s why when the first time I saw the temple, it shined brightly which make it more beautiful. When we were just about to step on the bridge which connects to the main hall of the temple, I saw at the passage there are two men statues holding a sword as if they try to protect the temple.  

We took a picture in front of White Temple with Ms. Namfon, Mrs. Peach, Jessica, me, Mrs. Phavarath, and Ms. Pin
We took a picture with a robot

            To go to the main hall we have to walk on a bridge. The bridge is built over a sea of demons, skulls, and grasping hands. As if the hands try to reach out from the depth below us. At first, I did not really notice the hidden messages of those things, but then I realized that the grasping hands designed in the assorted array represent people who are in hell suffering from the bad karma and seems pleading to be helped.  As we got closer to the main hall, we saw a Buddha statue inside, but we are not allowed to take pictures. I saw some people prayed inside in this main hall.

The grasping hands

            After taking some pictures outside of the main hall, then we went to the luxurious toilet. It is built beside the temple. I call it luxurious since the design of this toilet is full of beautiful sculptures and the whole color is golden. It does not look like a toilet at all from the outside except you come inside.

The picture above is the toilet in the white temple area
I took a picture in front of the mirror in the toilet

For your information to enter the temple foreign visitors need to pay 50 bath for the ticket. Before we entered the main hall of the temple we have to take off the shoes. Around the temple, there is also an art gallery and small shops to buy some souvenirs. In the art gallery, there are a lot of amazing paintings but we are not allowed to take pictures inside the gallery, there are some securities who take care of the paintings.

We were in the art gallery

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