My Daily Activities

Hi everyone, my name is Putu Merta, my friends usually call me Merta. I am in the sixth grade of elementary school. Now, I want to tell you about my daily activities. Every morning I always wake up at 05.30 am. Then, I tidy up my bed and sweep the floor. I take a bath at 06.00 am. After that, I get dressed and pray. I have breakfast at 06.30. I have breakfast with my parents, brother, and sister. I often have fried rice or toast for breakfast. After I finish eating, I go to school by bicycle at 07.00 am. I start to study at school at 07.30 am and I go home at 01.00 pm. Next, I have lunch at 01.30 pm. Then, I take a nap at 02.00 pm. After taking a nap I watch TV or sometimes I play football with my friends. In the afternoon, I take a bath at 05.00 pm. After taking a bath I pray at 06.00 pm. In the evening, I study at 08.00 pm. After that, I go to sleep at 10.00 pm. That’s all about my daily activities. Thank you for reading.

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