Work at School

Since the first day of our coming to the school, we tried to mingle with people at the school in order to get closer with the teachers, the students, the school staffs, and the sellers. The first week, we observed the school, the way the teachers teach, the students’ behavior and characteristics especially when they were studying, and the facilities of the school. This week, we also tried to get data from the school for the report. Mrs. Peach helped us a lot in finding the data and the information needed. We also took some pictures with the teachers, the students, and the special events or activities conducted at the school.

Observing the teacher taught in the class

            The second week, I tried to teach but accompanied by the core teacher. She helped me in doing the translation so that the students understand what I said. This week, I also learned to make the lesson plan and teaching media. I learn it from my core teacher, Mrs. Peach. When I finished making the lesson plan, it will be revised by her. Mrs. Peach and Ms. Namfon always give us reinforcement and suggestions which encourage us to be better. I also got motivation from them. Of course, the first lesson plan that I made in this school needed a lot of improvement. It was not a piece of cake to design activities which can attract the students’ attention since they are young learners so it is hard but also challenging to control them in the class. They are boisterous and very active to go everywhere in the class. Therefore, I found it difficult to make them calm during the teaching and learning process. However, after getting suggestions about how to control students who misbehaved and how to make interesting activities from my core teacher everything became clear and I do love the process. After the lesson plan was done then I started making the teaching media. Mrs. Peach and Ms. Namfon helped us a lot in preparing the media such as printing out the papers for the media and providing other materials such as scissors, double tape, coloring pens, etc. Sometimes, I also helped my teacher mentor make the teaching media. I’m excited to make it because I learn many things from her. I am so lucky and grateful to have supportive teachers like them who gave us great guidance.

I did the teaching assistant

            The third week, I started teaching independently. I taught nine times in one week for grade 5 students. There are three classes of grade 5 namely 5/1, 5/2, 5/3. Before I taught, I always made the lesson plan and prepared the teaching media. It was a challenge for me since the students do not really understand English and I cannot speak Thai. So I need to think of ways that I should do to make them understand what I said. So I printed out some papers with the picture on it to give the command to the students such as “Be quiet” and “Make a line”. Ms. Namfon also gave us some vocabularies written in Thai to give instructions to the students such as when asking the students to translate the passages. Besides that, when teaching the vocabularies I printed out some pictures to make the students more understand what I said. For example, when teaching foods, I printed out some pictures such as fried rice, sandwich, vegetables, fruits, etc. By this way, it eased the students to understand what I said.

The pictures above are the examples of command that have been printed
Those are examples of Flashcards to teach vocabularies

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