Other Sweet Memories

One of my favorite moments was when one of the students helped me from the rain. At that day it was raining, I walked quickly to the building where I was assigned to teach, suddenly, from behind, there was a girl holding her jacket and she put her jacket and hand above my head so that the rain would not fall on my head. That was very sweet, wasn’t it?. I was so happy and surprised at once. She cares so much to me although that was the first time we met. Her name is Tuk Ta. The next day, when I was in the classroom, she came and brought me a glass of orange juice. Once again, she made me surprised and amazed by what she did to me. I couldn’t be happier than that day. It was very special for me because of her kindness. Even though I couldn’t speak Thai but the students respect my presence and always greet me whenever they see me <3.   

Me and Tuk Ta
That was the orange juice that Tuk Ta gave to me

On the other day, when I was outside of the class near the class door, suddenly I heard “Selamat Pagi”. I looked around and I found where that sound came from. There was little girl smiling to me and said “Selamat Pagi”. Hahaha, I was so surprised when she greeted me with Bahasa Indonesia. Her name is  Chaorat, a fifth-grade student. Can you guys imagine, If you were me at that time as a new teacher from another country and your student greeted you by using your national language, I’m pretty sure, you must be so happy to see how cute she was. And then I asked her, “how can you know that greeting?”, she showed me a book and pointed the part where she found the greeting “Selamat Pagi”. That book was a language book for Thai, Indonesia, and English language. She brings it every day in her bag. The thing that made me get more surprised that it didn’t happen only once, she greeted me again in the afternoon, she said “Selamat Siang”. And in the evening “Selamat Sore”. She does it every day during the practicum.

Most of the students who saw me (they were not students whom I taught) they would greet me by saying “Hi teacher”, “Good morning”, “Sawaddi Kha”. Ahh, too many cuteness I found with the students here. I miss them a lot seriously.  I wish I could meet them again in the future. This was one of the unforgettable moments for me. Thank you for creating adorable moments for me during these 30 days. I was so proud of you all. We love you, kids 🙂

Me and the students

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