New Teachers

Besides having new friends we also have new teachers, yay!. They are Mrs. Gittima Tepsan, Mrs. Teerapom, Mrs. Supakkeenee, Mr. Nart, Mr. Jeng, Mr. Addy, Ms. Namfon, and Ms. Pin. We met them on January 8, 2019. They are all kind-hearted. They gave guidance to us well, provided the facilities that we needed, and helped us a lot. We got to know closer during our practicum teaching for 30 days at the school. The first time we entered the school we were welcomed by several teachers. They stood up at the entrance while saying “Sawaddi Kha” which means “Selamat Pagi” in Bahasa Indonesia. They were the first teachers whom we saw at the school. Then a Nigerian man named Mr. Addy escorted us to go to the main office to meet the principal and the core teacher. They welcomed us very well. Mr. Preecha Seeta is the principal, Mrs. Supakkeenee is the core teacher for Jessica and me. We usually call her Mrs. Peach, that is her English name.

From the left, Mrs. Gittima, Mrs. Teerapom, me, Mr. Preecha, Jessica, Mrs. Lah, and Mrs.

We are so lucky to get new teachers who are very supportive to us. Especially Mrs. Peach always gave me the advice to make teaching and learning process at the class interesting for the students. Besides that, she guided me to make an engaging teaching media, shared ideas about teaching, and gave suggestions to my teaching performance for better improvement. Not only Mrs. Peach who guided us but also Ms. Namfon a student teacher from CRRU helped us improve our teaching. She is good at teaching since she has been doing the practical teaching in the school to teach English subject almost one year, she gave suggestions for us to solve the problems that we faced in teaching. There are a lot of positive things I learn from them all. Meanwhile, Mr. Jeng/Mr. John often escorted us to go somewhere just to go shopping or to go traveling. He was the first teacher who took us to visit the traditional market and the shops to buy groceries. He helped us a lot in giving direction to us to get somewhere. He also lent us his bicycle which can ease us to go anywhere. Jessica and I are very happy because we do love riding a bicycle. It helped us a lot.

Jessica, Ms. Namfon, and me

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