3 Places at Once (Clock Tower, Walking Street, and Flower Festival)

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, it was the most awaited time to go traveling. For me traveling is more than moving from one place to another place but we explore, try and learn something new about the destinations that we visited. Jessica and I went to Clock Tower, Walking Street, and Flower Festival.  At first, we went to the Clock Tower at 5 pm. We went there by Grab car. We arrived at 5.15 pm so it took around 15 minutes from our dormitory. When we arrived at the clock tower I was surprised when the driver told us that we had arrived and she dropped us on the street. I thought the Clock Tower was built on a big and wide field, but I was wrong haha. The clock tower was built in the middle of the crossroad. So it was quite crowded in which many vehicles passed by the Clock Tower. It was also difficult for us to take some pictures exactly in front of the tower since it would be dangerous if we stood up in front of it while the vehicles keep passing by. The thing that we did was standing up on the street and then took pictures. But don’t worry guys, the results of the pictures are excellent because you can still find awesome angles to make amazing photos.

This clock tower has a golden color. It plays music and changes color as the clock chimes the hour. You will see the colors shine beautifully in the evening and listen to the music. It changes in color from gold to pink, to green, and to purple. As it changes colors and plays music when the clock chimes the hour, therefore the best time to visit it is at 7, 8, or 9 pm. So if you have a chance to see it I highly recommend you to come during those hours.

After taking pictures at the Clock Tower, we continued our journey to Walking Street. We went there on foot since it is near to the Clock Tower. It took 7 minutes from the Clock Tower to Walking Street. Walking street is one of the most popular and the best place to buy souvenirs. In brief, walking street is like foods and local products fairs where the sellers use stands which are not too big to put their things on it. There are a lot of things we can find in the walking street such as cloths pants, skirts, T-shirts, Thai foods, unique bracelets, books, bags, knit keys chain, pencil cases, sarong, Thai sandals, shoes, hats, etc. I could not mention one by one because there are too many souvenirs we can find there. The prices are various from cheap to more expensive. We can also bargain with the sellers if we think the prices are too expensive. For your information, when you want to ask something to the sellers it is better if you use Google translate because not all sellers can speak English. So Google translate will be useful to communicate with them.

Walking Street

On the walking street, I bought bags, T-shirts, and some foods for my family and friends. After shopping, Jessica and I kept walking straight on and finally, we found Flower Festival. Actually, at first, we did not plan to come here because we did not know where the location was. So we found it accidentally. When we kept walking we looked on our right side, exactly on our right side, we found a very wonderful garden. It was such a surprise, wasn’t it?. It was very surprising for me to find the Flower Festival in the middle of our walk on the walking street.

At that time, it was around 7 pm. At first, I did not believe that we were at the Flower Festival. I told Jessica and she did not believe me. So I tried to look around and found a big writing “FLOWER FESTIVAL”. When I pointed that writing to her, then she believed me. Without thinking too long, we directly went to the Flower Festival and took some pictures. It is a super beautiful flower garden. This festival is conducted in Suan Tung and Khom. We can enjoy the enchanting tulips, lilies, various kinds of orchids and many more. The colors of the flowers also vary such as white, red, purple, yellow, pink, etc. I am amazed at the first time to see various flowers at the festival. That was my first time in my life to see huge kinds of flowers. It is such awesome sightseeing. Along the way, we are spoiled by the beautiful flowers which adorn the garden. There is also a big flower clock whose color is purple. I took a picture in front of it. The smell around the garden is also fragrant because of the fragrance coming out from the flowers. Besides the flowers, there are also other activities conducted in the festival such as a photo contest, flower painting competition, cultural shows, and musical performances. We had so much fun there and had a great night. It is one of the unforgettable moments for me in Chiang Rai. How lucky I am to have a chance to go there. I hope I can visit it again next time. See you when I see you.

Flower Festival

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